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As the world accelerates towards an electrified future, Evtec Aluminium works across a broad range of sectors to help manufacturers achieve their net zero goals.


Evtec Aluminium is at the forefront of the rapidly growing EV sector. We work with many major OEMs, including Jaguar Land Rover, helping them to accelerate their electrification plans. Evtec is in a prime position to supply this demand for EVs thanks to the strength to weight benefits offered by aluminium castings.


As the renewable energy sector (e.g. solar, wind, hydro) continues to go from strength to strength, Evtec Aluminium can offer a considerable cost benefit due to the repeatable, consistent high-quality manufacturing processes involved in high pressure die casting.


Evtec Aluminium is on point to provide turnkey design and manufacture services to everyone in the H2 sector.

Research has found that aluminium castings used in a hydrogen combustion engines do not suffer hydrogen embrittlement issues.


Evtec Aluminium is located at the heart of the UK’s automotive industry in the Midlands. We produce complex and high-quality lightweight aluminium castings to major automotive manufacturers globally and in the UK. We form a strategically crucial link in the supply chain as light weighting and recyclability is critical to the automotive industries transition to Net Zero.


Construction, leisure (Quad Bikes, ATV’s) and agricultural vehicles are now being offered with the option of an electric drive system and battery power to reduce their emissions. Aluminium castings are an integral part of these new systems and will continue to replace heavy steel and non-recyclable plastic parts currently used.

Power systems

Evtec Aluminium manufactures control boxes and chassis for TAE, pioneers in fusion power. TAE’s fully integrated power management system controller, converter and battery components are integrated into a single, high-pressure aluminium die cast Power Module.


Lightweight precision aluminium components are the mainstay of the aerospace industry. Evtec Aluminium supplies both precision high pressure diecast and high-fidelity CNC machined parts for customers who require high volumes of lightweight flawless components.

Lighting systems

Lighting enclosures are commonly made from aluminium castings as they offer the customer aesthetically appealing finishes and designs whilst being lightweight and resistant to heat. Evtec Aluminium applies its precision high pressure die-casting manufacturing to produce consistent high quality lighting enclosures, produced from 100% recycled aluminium.


Evtec Aluminium offers turnkey solutions to support the full production process, from design and optimisation for manufacture to testing and assembly of 100% recycled aluminium components.

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“I joined Evtec Aluminium more than seven years ago and have worked at both sites. I started as a machine operator in Coventry and am now responsible for the entire product quality team at Kidderminster.”

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